As a professional electronic components factory conforming to the requirements of the society, dongguang co., LTD., as early as 1955, developed the world's first "special transistor radio frequency transformer (IFT), more than half a century has made a great contribution to the development of the electronic industry.Currently focused on the development of the Power and RF field, the coil products business as a core technology has been further deepened, at the same time to satisfy customer demand around the world, around the world launched a series of development, production and sales network.

In recent years, in response to environmental issues, resource saving, energy saving technology of development of our company is a large task.Dongguang actively to achieve better business activity of the earth's environment, and constantly develop with the characteristic of "dongguang" ahead of The Times ahead of high efficiency products, to protect the earth's environment of product manufacturing.

"Free open-minded respect each other's enterprise atmosphere".Dongguang, rooted in everyone's respect each other, and constantly create new value of "dongguang" DNA.Therefore, we always stand in the perspective of the customer, provide high value-added solutions, in order to meet the high demand, the diversification of customer needs.Sensitive to capture the market in dongguang will continue in the future of instant changes, flexible response, while achieve greater enterprise value, to perform the social responsibility of protecting the environment.All the company staff, and support the company business you are to go all out for can achieve brilliant harvest tomorrow.

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