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InterQuip group in the United States was founded in January 1970, formerly known as Comtec Economation Incorporated (nasdaq: PCLN - news). The early mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing production of quartz crystal machine, followed by development to provide the whole crystal production line equipment manufacturers, improve production performance.

InterQuip group founded in Hong Kong in 1978 KTS electronics co., LTD.Using the advantages of Hong Kong, began to establish trade relations with the mainland, and develop the local outstanding technical staff, constantly develop new equipment sold to all over the world.As Hong Kong business development unceasingly, by 1990, the company decided to all business to Hong Kong from the United States, based in Hong Kong.Category of restructuring in 2000, started production, design and sale of frequency control components, and in 2002 officially changed its name to be Dali electronics co., LTD.

InterQuip electronics co., LTD. Is invested heavily and has rich experience of engineers and scientists were hired management group, product development, research, develop new frequency components encapsulation and optimizing production process, effectively reduce the production cost.

At Dali group in domestic with three rooms with top equipment and clean workshop workshop, monthly production reached 20 million, to provide diversified range of frequency control component includes high-precision metal packaging lead resonators, oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillator, removing crystal oscillator, constant temperature crystal oscillator, seam welding encapsulation and patents encapsulates all quartz resonators, product size range from 2.5 mm to 10 x4 x2.0. 5 mm, frequency range from 3.2 MHz to top 50 MHz.

The development direction

Should Dali electronics co., LTD attaches great importance to the development and production of the new frequency control solutions, continuous improvement of production technology to implement automatic assembling, testing consistency, in order to improve the production efficiency and product quality to provide customers with the most economic benefit of the solution.

We believe that: to provide the right frequency control component, the most competitive price and high quality service level, to achieve the highest customer satisfaction as a whole.

Quality assurance

Should Dali electronics co., LTD will continue to put all the resources available to satisfy customers from all over the world to our every request.


- Compact design 

- Surface Mount with Ceramic Package 

- Reflow solderable


- All ceramic epoxy sealed SMD package 

- Ultra-light and ultra-miniature size 

- Wide frequency range - High precision option available 

- Mature thick-film manufacturing process 

- Offer better cost advantages for consumer electronic applications

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SMAC3225H 4pads,16MHz,9pF
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