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QVS technology company has succeeded in providing high quality of frequency control products for more than 10 years.As a woman with small business headquarters in carlsbad, CA, QVS company has established the reputation of the science and technology, to provide quality services to our customers and fast delivery. 

Over the years, science and technology QVS company has established a strong relationship with our iso certification of offshore production facilities.This ensures that we can continue to provide customers with the highest quality products and some of the shortest delivery time in the industry. 

QVS technology companies provide a wide range of crystal oscillator, VCXO TCXO OCXO, in two, frequency of standard and custom.This allows us to provide the wide application of frequency control solutions and markets, including telecommunications, testing, instrumentation, medical and aviation.Our engineers and ready to answer your question, and design for the application to offer help. 

Like our name, our core subject of "quality, value and service" will continue to lead us to a higher level of excellence.By combining the first-class production equipment, professional management expertise and crystal oscillator arena, a very wide product line and superior service levels and support, QVS technology is developing into a leading industry of frequency control.Contact us, look at how we perform!

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销售商 QVS Tech, Inc
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