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Raltron electronics company was founded in 1983, has now developed into a frequency management products in the world's most recognised and experienced manufacturers.RALTRON from simple tuning fork crystal high stability constant temperature crystal oscillator, frequency control devices, the most comprehensive in the industry.

Served as the company's commitment to excellence in research and development, to maintain its leading edge technology at the forefront of crystal and oscillator.Today, RALTRON provide high performance of frequency control solutions, to meet and exceed customer expectations, in price, quality, application engineering and customer support.

RALTRON broad frequency management product line to customers around the world through 13 subsidiary office, the geographical position is superior, close to the major customers and market.The company's global production and administrative organization of more than 600 staff is committed to a worldwide customer base.RALTRON all staffs are committed to quality and the continuous pursuit of excellence.This concept has been RALTRON through years of uninterrupted growth in a leadership position.

RALTRON business strategy is actively pursuing the lead crystal and oscillator technology, they are focus on to meet customer demand.This will ensure that customers receive the most cost-effective frequency management products available in today's global market.RALTRON products have precise frequency tolerance and stability, wide frequency range, smaller packaging, low phase noise and jitter, the most important is that they meet or exceed customer's specifications.

All production base RALTRON ISO90001 certification and links to the most advanced data and up-to-date telecommunications equipment.The company's 51000 - square - foot factory in Miami, has two level 10 k clean room 209 according to the federal standards.Automatic calibration and testing station, the environment testing laboratory, an isolated aging chamber, and prototype laboratory supplement these areas.

With its continuous growth, the company has shown that it has the management, manufacturing and financial resources, to support its production growth and global business plan.RALTRON new processing and testing instruments and equipment investment, guarantee, the company will continue to provide superior design, and provide a steady stream of new products, to meet customer needs and expectations, now and in the future.

RALTRON products include:

Range from the standard microprocessor custom tight specifications of the quartz crystal resonator stability, can be in the hole and SMD encapsulation, hole and surface-mount applications, provide standards and strict stability specification of crystal oscillator.Custom VCXO, TCXO and OCXO oscillator, including customer requirement of the specifications of the design to meet a wide range of electrical and environmental requirements.Formation 3, SONET minimum clock and the formation of 3 e application provides complete timing synchronization module of solution of SAW filter, resonator, and the high frequency oscillator, low jitter performance in today's advanced telecommunication system.Crystal filter and ceramic resonator hole and surface-mount packaging, applicable range of consumer applications.

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