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Was founded in 1954, w. Gary Wright Canada electronics assembly various military communication scheme of crystal products, the company name later changed Croven co., LTD., the abbreviation of remanufacturing products:

CR (quartz) and the oven (with precision.. / crystal of oven temperature control in the application program).

In 1959, Croven crystals and oven products in great demand and facilities have been set up in 500 elm tree street.At that time, due to large amounts of furnace product demand, the company set up Ovenaire in Charlottesville, VA, continues to be one of the world's leading manufacturing precision oven, incubator oscillator.To further expand the company in 1963, Filtaire department establish a crystal filter products, to support the growing demand.

In 1967, the company bought by walter cade company, belleville, New Jersey.Then Croven significant growth, Whitman than factory has expanded its current 25000 square feet.
In 1975, the Croven co., LTD. Was set up wholly owned subsidiaries, production crystal products for the European market in Denmark Croven (later known as Dantronic) in Europe.
By 1979, co., LTD. All Croven had moved to another location oscillator and hybrid module production and Whitman operation since that time, has focused on high precision quartz crystal resonator design and development.The name to Croven crystals co., LTD., in order to better reflect our products and market orientation.
Since then, our name has changed several times, the company has experienced a variety of management and organizational changes, but has been committed to building the best crystal. For the most demanding./ application.

In 2006, the company acquired he Associates, a company, and acknowledge our origin and a long tradition of service crystal resonator market has raised CROVEN crystals of name.

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