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The River electronics co., LTD. Is a quartz resonator and electronic equipment manufacturers such as quartz crystal oscillator.Surface installation equipment, especially in the patch types) small size crystal device, we've been takes precedence over as the industry's leading company, accumulated the original recipe.Therefore, we won the trust from many customers, as a "small is the river".In 1949, began to make the resistor, since we have been dedicated attractive device, and expand our for the purpose of the group's business development for higher customer satisfaction.
The higher customer satisfaction lead to satisfactory with our devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras are electronic products.Because we know the fact that we can continue to let us try our best for target.As crystal devices are important parts in the field of information and communication, each employee is deep and strong desire.
In modern society, the company must be in a more extensive aspects contribute to the society.And reduce the toxic substances and energy saving become harmless the company's operations, we focus on corporate governance and compliance.
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