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Zhongshan Huiyuan Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Huiyuan Jinggong Electronics Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech company specializing in the development, production and sales of quartz crystal oscillators. The company's main HC-49S plug-in, HC-49SS plug-in, HC-49S patch, HC-49SS patch; M49SMD patch; cylindrical crystal 2*6/3*8; SMD7050/5032/3225/2520/2016/2012 Ceramic resonators, ceramic filters and other frequency components.
         The company has strong capital and excellent technology, insists on perfecting the quality assurance system, insists on quality first, adheres to low cost and high efficiency. The company is equipped with advanced production, testing and inspection equipment. The company's management and process links are carried out in accordance with ISO quality management system requirements. Has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management and TS16949 certification. With more than ten years of deep accumulation of crystal technology and market, Huiyuan Jinggong Electronics has become a supply partner of domestic and world-renowned manufacturers, ensuring customer satisfaction is the pursuit of Huiyuanjing workers every moment, Huiyuan people moments Ready to provide you with the best quality service!
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Huiyuan Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd 0760-88483588
Easy-Key Corporation 深圳市 400-1366-707 info@easy-key.cn
中山惠源晶工电子科技有限公司 中山市 中山惠源晶工电子科技有限公司(深圳市惠源晶工电子有限公司)是一家专业从事石英晶振的开发、生产与销售的高科技。公司主营HC-49S插件、HC-49SS插件、HC-49S贴片、HC-49SS贴片;M49SMD贴片;圆柱晶振2*6/3*8;SMD7050/5032/3225/2520/2016/2012 ;陶瓷谐振器、陶瓷滤波器等各种频率元件。 公司资金雄厚,技术过硬,坚持完善质保体系,坚持质量第一,坚持低成本高效率,公司配备了先进的生产、检测和检验设备,公司各个管理和工艺环节均按照ISO质量管理体系要求进行,已先后通过了ISO9001质量管理体系和ISO14001环境管理和TS16949认证。凭借十多年对晶振工艺技术和市场的深耕积累,惠源晶工电子已经成为国内及世界知名厂商的供应合作伙伴,确保客户满意是惠源晶工人每时每刻的追求,惠源人时刻准备着为您提供最优质的供应服务!
联络电话 0760-88483588
所在地 深圳市
联络电话 400-1366-707
所在地 中山市
主营产品 中山惠源晶工电子科技有限公司(深圳市惠源晶工电子有限公司)是一家专业从事石英晶振的开发、生产与销售的高科技。公司主营HC-49S插件、HC-49SS插件、HC-49S贴片、HC-49SS贴片;M49SMD贴片;圆柱晶振2*6/3*8;SMD7050/5032/3225/2520/2016/2012 ;陶瓷谐振器、陶瓷滤波器等各种频率元件。 公司资金雄厚,技术过硬,坚持完善质保体系,坚持质量第一,坚持低成本高效率,公司配备了先进的生产、检测和检验设备,公司各个管理和工艺环节均按照ISO质量管理体系要求进行,已先后通过了ISO9001质量管理体系和ISO14001环境管理和TS16949认证。凭借十多年对晶振工艺技术和市场的深耕积累,惠源晶工电子已经成为国内及世界知名厂商的供应合作伙伴,确保客户满意是惠源晶工人每时每刻的追求,惠源人时刻准备着为您提供最优质的供应服务!