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Wuhan Hitrusty Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhan, China Optical Valley of high-tech enterprises.

The company is principally engaged in the research and development, production and marketing of quartz crystal resonators, quartz crystal oscillators, quartz crystal filters, NTC thermistors, PTC thermistors, piezoelectric ceramics and temperature and flow sensors. "Based on space, service defense, for the civilian, cast brand" development strategy. The company is rich in scientific and technological strength, well-equipped production equipment, plant purification environment is superior, with quartz crystal resonator, quartz crystal oscillator and thermistor three military standard production line; passed the ISO9001, GJB9001B quality management system and bear the military production needs Of the various qualifications certification. High-quality, high stability and high reliability of high-end products for the "Shenzhou", "Chang", "Temple" and "Big Dipper" and other key projects in China supporting several times by the national recognition. Military technology to boost the development of civilian products, Haicheng Electronics for China's information industry, automotive electronics, environmental protection and energy saving and office automation to provide a large number of high-quality electronic components.

Haicheng people adhere to the "political construction, democracy and set up factories, science and plant, reform and plant" and "love the sea, love posts, love science, innovation, refinement, truth-seeking, seeking" , With mobile phone text messages, network forums and data files and other forms to create a good corporate culture, creating a sea of ​​electronic soul, innovation as the driving force for the development of Haicheng.

Haicheng people firmly implement the scientific concept of development, adhering to the "leading technology, high quality and efficiency, full participation, continuous improvement," the purpose of unity and hard work, pioneering and innovative, advancing with the times, "Haicheng Electronics into a world-class electronics Components research and production base and dedication to users at home and abroad to provide a high level of products and quality service "is the pursuit of Haizhu people.

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