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A basic frequency can be corrected and operation control element is one of the important components of many electronic equipment.Jauch company for modern electronic industry design and production of reliable performance, advanced technology of quartz crystal resonator and oscillator components.

Jauch company frequency control structure all kinds element of wide application.Both standard frequency under the condition of control components, and requires high reliability of earthquake frequency under the condition of control components, we can guarantee that provide excellent quality products.

The quality of our products from our decades of technical knowledge and production experience.Jauch has unique independent flexible quartz production technology, which makes us always the first to anticipate market dynamics and technological innovation, and can be followed by the development of the electronic product trend.

The world of Jauch provides a global perspective.It will come from different areas, the innovation of thinking together.As a specialist in frequency control, our products directly affect everyone's daily life.We regard "technology people-oriented" as own duty.Work hard for a better life provides industry leading technology.The rhythm of modern life science and technology to create necessary for us.We sincerely welcome you to know that is full of vitality and innovation of Jauch quartz world.

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