Yantai Dynamic Techtronics Co.,ltd.

Founded in September 1988, Yantai Dynamic Techtronics Co.,ltd. is located at No. 6 Heilongjiang Road, Yantai Economic & Technological Development Zone and covers a floor space of 8,963 square meters. We have a registered capital of 20 million Yuan and total assets of 109 million Yuan.       
Our company specializes in the production of quartz crystal resonators and oscillators. Our main products include HC-49/S, HC-49/S-SMD, M49/S, M49/S-SMD, SMD7050, SMD6035, SMD5032, SMD2520, SMD2016 and oscillator (oscillator, VCXO,TCXO), etc.      
Our company commits itself to pursuing the road of technological innovation. Through continuous innovation and efforts over the years, we have obtained many  patents for invention. Many of our core technologies have been taking the lead in the same industry. In 2007, we developed the HC-49/S product series. In 2009, we took the lead in finishing the automatic upgrading of the HC-49/S production line. In 2010, we independently developed the new generation of M49/S product series featuring   small size, low cost and low loss. In 2012, we independently developed the SMD PKG that is characterized by ultra small size, high reliability, low loss and excellent electrical property. In 2014, we set up the M49s reed spot welding production line that brought about the volume production of the M49s three-wire products.    
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