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Vishay Intertechnology was founded in 1962 by Dr. Felix Zandman, with a loan from his cousin Alfred P. Slaner. The Company was named after Dr. Zandman’s ancestral village in Lithuania, in memory of family members who perished in the Holocaust. The Company’s initial product portfolio consisted of foil resistors and foil resistance strain gages. In 1985, having grown from a start-up into the world’s leading manufacturer of foil resistors and strain gages, the Company began an ongoing series of strategic acquisitions to become a broad-line manufacturer of electronic components. Today, Vishay Intertechnology is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components.
As Vishay Intertechnology grew through innovations and acquisitions, its resistive foil technology products became non-core businesses. In 2010, Vishay Intertechnology spun off these non-core businesses into an independent company listed on the New York Stock Exchange: Vishay Precision Group (NYSE: VPG).

Vishay Intertechnology is focused on a plan for intensified organic growth based on accelerated development of new products and technologies as well as improved market penetration. Important areas of new product development include MOSFETs (high-voltage E series, mid- voltage ThunderFET®, low-voltage TrenchFET® Gen IV), power modules (IGBTs), miniaturized packages for TMBS® and FRED Pt® rectifiers, power inductors (high-current, high-temperature IHLP®), custom magnetics, high-power current sense resistors (Power Metal Strip®), and various mid- and high-power capacitors. Improved market penetration, apart from providing new products to the market more quickly, is based on increasing manufacturing capacities for key product lines to better support customers, especially during periods of peak demand. Vishay’s growth plan calls for increasing resources for R&D, process engineering, product marketing, and the technical sales force. Vishay’s organic growth will be complemented by small to mid-size acquisitions of specialty businesses.
Vishay, a leader in technology during five decades, is very well positioned to provide components for new macroeconomic growth drivers such as connectivity, mobility, and sustainability. Through its R&D, process engineering, and product marketing programs, it generates a steady stream of innovative components to help designers create new generations of end products such as wireless charging systems, tablet and ultrabook computers, electric power steering and start/stop systems for automobiles, energy exploration equipment, and wind and solar power systems.

Vishay Intertechnology components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment, in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, power supplies, and medical markets. Vishay has manufacturing plants in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Israel, as well as sales offices worldwide.
Vishay Intertechnology has a diverse portfolio of semiconductors and passive components, including diodes, MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors), optoelectronic products, selected integrated circuits (ICs), resistors, inductors, and capacitors. This enables it to provide “one-stop shop” service and offer many different parts for each customer design. Its innovations in technology, successful acquisition strategy, superior product quality, and “one-stop shop” service to customers have made the Company a global industry leader.
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