Manudax CO., LTD

Manudax France distributes quartz and quartz oscillators since 1977.

Since 1979, we are the exclusive distributor for Europe of OLE (Korea), including Quartz and Quartz Oscillators marketed under the brand name Kony and MDX.

We are the official distributor of Citizen (Japan) since 1992

Finally, in 2014, we signed an official distribution agreement with KDS, one of the world's leading quartz and quartz oscillators.

Our franchises allow us to offer you a complete range of quartz and oscillators, and an AEC-Q200 and AEC-Q100 product catalog:

-Quartz in traditional boxes or CMS Miniature ceramics

-Quartz 32,768KHz (Quartz Clocks)

-Quartz High Frequencies

XO Quartz Oscillators

TCXO Temperature Compensating Quartz Oscillators

-VCXO and VCTCXO quartz oscillators

-MEM Solutions

Our long experience allows us to offer you the expertise of your oscillator assemblies, in order to guarantee you the best functioning of the quartz (matching) whatever the conditions of use

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