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Chengdu Spaceon electronic Limited by Share Ltd was founded in January 2004, the registered capital of 80 million yuan, the existing staff of more than 500 people. The company has the state recognized enterprise technology center, is a high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in time, frequency, Beidou satellite application product research and development, production, sales and service.
As a leading domestic time and frequency enterprise, we have a full time and frequency product line, with the ability to integrate time and frequency systems, and provide customers with perfect time-frequency solutions. The main products include atomic clocks, crystal devices, frequency board and module, frequency components and equipment, time synchronization equipment and systems, mainly used in aerospace, satellite navigation, military and civilian fields of communication and defense equipment, participated in the national manned spaceflight and the lunar exploration project, the Beidou satellite navigation system project.
The company has Beidou navigation, civil division level and terminal level service qualification, the main products include Beidou satellite watch, Beidou emergency warning communication terminal and system two series. Beidou satellite watch is the perfect combination of satellite navigation technology and traditional clock technology, named CCTV annual global ten cutting-edge science and technology "," ISPO product design award in Asia "; based on the main application of Beidou short message communication terminal emergency warning and disaster prevention and reduction system in other fields, timely and reliable transmission of information.
Companies adhere to the "leading technology, the development of the concept of service industry", with technology innovation driven industrial development, to create synergy device components - equipment system "development of the industrial base, the company became the leading supplier of Beidou satellite application, world class time frequency of outstanding enterprises.

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