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K&L Microwave's Filter Wizard® software simplifies the selection of the right filter product for your application from a vast number of available designs. Provide the Filter Wizard with your desired specifications, and the software will return a list of products that match. If the Filter Wizard selection algorithm cannot match the criteria specified, you will be forwarded to our quote request page.

Choose the Filter Wizard link to begin specifying and selecting a filter or the products link for information on included products (KeL-fil®, KeL-com®, Mini-Max®, and Mini-Pack® brand filters, among many others) and product families to be added in upcoming releases. Please visit the K&L Microwave main web site or contact the factory for additional information concerning custom designs and configurations and the full range of available products.

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K&L Microwave, Inc
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销售商 K&L Microwave, Inc
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