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Q - Tech company was founded in 1972, providing the most advanced country in the crystal clock oscillators and hybrids.Q - technology is based on the idea that will help our customers and their needs, offer high quality products built from leading edge oscillator technology with, customer service and on time delivery.

Operating out of a modern 33000 - square - foot factory in culver city, California chid is AS9100: in 2009, von C and ISO - 9001:2008 registered and leading manufacturers in the United States MIL - PRF - 55310 qualified products.Our service of military, aerospace and high temperature (underground) and deep space industry and very proud of our technical achievement, in the land, air, sea and space applications.

Q - technology is committed to optimizing the company's capabilities and resources, including a complete supply chain management, implement the overall product excellence, continuous improvement.

Q - Tech company registered itar-tass (M17677) of state-owned enterprises.Our Cage code is 51774, our NAICS number 334419.

Q - Tech company fully supports the traditional program.We never out of date products.Due to the current market and financial conditions, many of our competitors have been discontinued products and ability.We welcome your consultation, you will find that we have a replacement product, appropriate alternatives or ability to recreate the products you need.

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