China Electronic Technology Group Corporation

China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (CETC) is an important state-owned key enterprise directly managed by the central government, which was established on the basis of the Electronic Research Institute and the high-tech enterprise directly under the former Ministry of Electronics Industry, which was approved by the State Council. March 1 officially listed operation.

China Electronic Division is mainly engaged in the development and production of large-scale electronic information systems for major military and civilian use, major equipment, communications and electronic equipment, software and key components development, and international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation in electronic information and related fields. Trade, domestic and foreign investment and financing business, e-commerce and other information services and other related businesses.

China Electric Branch in February 2015 to establish the board of directors of the system, the existing two units 66, three and below 543 units, eight listed companies, located in the country's 26 provinces, municipalities and districts. There are 18 national key laboratories, 10 national research centers and innovation centers, 14 provincial and ministerial level key laboratories and 20 post-doctoral research stations. The existing 15 million employees, of which 56% of professional and technical personnel, young people under the age of 45 scientific and technical personnel accounting for 85% of professional and technical personnel. The existing 11 Chinese Academy of Engineering, outstanding contributions of young technical experts 36 people, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council 574 people. Since its inception, China Electric Branch applied for a total of 18,619 patents (of which 12,972 invention patents), authorized 9010 patents, the average annual growth rate of more than 35%. "Air 2000" early-warning aircraft in 2010 national science and technology progress award, Wang Xiaomo academician won the 2012 national highest science and technology award.

In 2015, China Electric Branch to achieve the main business income of 165.1 billion yuan, total profit of 16.3 billion yuan, 12.9 billion yuan EVA, since the establishment of continuous double 20% growth in the SASAC assessment for 12 consecutive years to obtain A-level, continuous 4 A term of A-level, two consecutive access to scientific and technological innovation outstanding enterprises. July 2016, China's Power Division to enter the Fortune 500, ranked 408th.

After 14 years of struggle, China has developed into a domestic electronic information in all areas of large-scale science and technology group, the country can at the same time for the arms and all-round provision of information technology equipment military group, the domestic platform for a variety of core Components of the enterprise groups, the domestic network information system planning and construction, development and production of information technology equipment, network information services, the strongest central enterprises.

In the new historical period, CEIC will take the core mission of "responsibility, innovation, excellence and sharing", bearing in mind the enterprise mission of "leading electronic technology, constructing national meridian, building security foundation and creating wisdom". Wisdom of the two major undertakings, to build trustworthy, rely on the "big country weight device", and strive to become the field of electronic information with global influence of science and technology enterprise groups.

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