Ecliptek Information Technology Corporation

ECLIPTEK corporation was founded in 1987, is the recognized market leader frequency control market.Our country's most advanced products and leading technology advantage, enables us to provide customers with the best crystal oscillator and products.

The cornerstone of the service of ECLIPTEK success.We believe our customers partners, and strive to meet and exceed their requirements, quality, customer service and value.Combined with the professional technical support and a wide range of comprehensive company quality plan, make the best frequency control products ECLIPTEK industry resources.

ECLIPTEK created a new powerful interactive system, to provide you with the latest information and meet your exact specifications.Access to this directory, and the requirements of the price and availability information via the Internet, automatic and provide feedback of new and existing products.Use this interactive directory, you can be in a day, seven days a week, 24 hours a day in the data table, anywhere in the world.

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Ecliptek Information Technology Corporation (714) 433-1200/(800) 433-1280
Easy-Key Corporation 深圳市 400-1366-707
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