BEIJING JINGYUXING TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. Is Yantai Qinghu Electronic Co., Ltd. Marketing center in the north, the main products perseverance Wenjing Zhen, TCXO, VCXO and crystal and other patches. All products, variety, quality and compliance with international standards, particularly in terms of temperature and temperature compensation can replace imports. My company's business objectives, "professionalism, dedication, integrity and innovation", professional marketing team, a sound technical support, hope to establish business relationship with customers to create a better future!
   Yantai Qinghu Electronic Co., Ltd. Department of China Shandong High Technology Investment Co., Ltd. The introduction of Korea Qinghu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established. Controlled by the Chinese side, the registered capital of 15,820 million yuan. Mainly engaged in the piezoelectric crystal, crystal products, such as development, production and sales, is currently the industry's largest and highest level of technology, scientific research, one of the strongest.
  Founded in 1992, the existing plant 17,600 square meters, more than 1,050 employees, 134 professional and technical personnel, of which graduated from the piezoelectric crystal 55 professional people. The main production and testing equipment from Korea, Japan, the United States supporting the introduction of the. Into the production process and quality system, and in strict accordance with the U.S. military quartz crystal standards (the U.S. military standards for the indicators are equal to or higher than the national military standard) and DNV certification by internationally recognized quality system certification, the standards are stricter than the national quality system certification standards. Annual output reached: 11,000 million quartz resonator, quartz oscillator 9000000, 6000000 quartz filter. Products widely used in military, automotive electronics, communications, detection, high-temperature logging and other industries, as well as Samsung, Siemens, car audio, Shenzhen Huawei Technology, and other famous enterprises and research institutes quantities. The other to the United States, Korea, Europe and other places the world's leading electronics manufacturers. Our products with excellent performance and stable quality, high degree of trust by consumers and praise.
  To meet the domestic information, communication and the rapid development of IT industry to meet the high-growth market for small electronic frequency control products, strong demand, the company began production in 2002 has reached the international advanced level of technical capacity of SMD (SMD crystal) and TCXO (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator) products, to fill the gap. At present various technical indicators have reached the leading domestic level.
  Companies are increasing R & D efforts focus on the products of some domestic areas of high demand. Such as aerospace, defense, automotive electronics, industrial automation, we will use the company a technological edge to develop new products, develop new technologies, expand the scale, and strive to become a major international electronics companies as soon as possible.

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