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TAI-SAW Technology Co., Ltd

TST was established in November 1997, the main products for the surface acoustic wave (SAW) component (mainly include rf surface acoustic wave filter, intermediate frequency surface acoustic wave filter and surface acoustic wave resonator, etc.), body wave (BAW) quartz components (mainly consists of quartz oscillator crystal, quartz, quartz oscillator, voltage-controlled filter, quartz, quartz oscillator voltage-controlled oscillator/temperature compensation, etc.) and its related modules, application fields cover satellite digital broadcast, mobile phone and base station, wireless local area network, satellite positioning, wireless bluetooth, car remote control, tire pressure sensors such as 3 c products.
TST covers MOTOROLA communications components of your management department and the well-known domestic related industry science and technology, have rich communication component design and practice experience, business partner so overly dependent on imports and domestic demand for frequency components of the lack of autonomy, cause the main components in the communications industry of foreign manufacturers, thus limited long-term competitiveness, thus founded to provide middle and high frequency component of surface acoustic wave frequency Taiwan jia pegatron technology, and in June 2001 to increase sales of body wave quartz components related products, in 2009, investment of TFE (Wu Xi), increase the OCXO product lines, to carry out the complete solution of communication products, expected to become the customer best frequency components of the partner
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