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Tew institute was founded in 1934, we have research and development of crystal products, electronic equipment, production and sales.Results provide artificial crystal quality is high, has repeatedly research in 1977 succeeded in mass production of artificial quartz crystal, we set up a system of vertical integration "rough" part of the crystal product to the finished product.Artificial crystal manufacturing high pressure furnace for the first time in 1994 as a "platinum furnace" commercial success, we successfully establish mass production techniques, less crystal defects "high-grade artificial crystal", further.

To accommodate a variety of electronic devices, including mobile devices, polishing "crystal slab processing technology", realize the miniaturization of the miniaturization and weight, the thickness of the crystal products of various properties of further we promote high and stable.In addition, in the electronic equipment sales department since its establishment, and the history of the crystal products business, as one of the most important business of our company, we have to work on the development of all kinds of equipment.Including aircraft and disaster prevention radio communication equipment, crystal manufacturing equipment in the field of wide range of related satellite communications, radio frequency components and high frequency power meter, such as instrument, satisfy the needs of customers, the advanced technology.
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