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Vectron International Inc.

The Vectron international is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency control, sensors, and the product mix solution using the very latest technology in two baw (bending) and surface acoustic wave (saw) based design from dc to microwave frequencies.Products include crystal and crystal oscillator;The translator;The clock frequency and data recovery products;Saw filter;Crystal filter and components used in communication, data communication, frequency synthesizer, timing, navigation, military, aerospace, instrumentation system.

Headquarters is located in the Hudson, NH and operating facilities and sales office, in North America, Europe and Asia, the United States Vectron international famous technical ability in two crystal oscillator, saw filter design.Innovation and capabilities provided by the company to reflect the trend of higher frequency, the design of low cost and miniaturization, and more technologically sophisticated integration solutions.Provide some of the key techniques include: ASIC design, surface mount technology, ceramic packing, the hybrid manufacturing class "S", high frequency (high frequency electric furnace) crystal design basic ability and spatial component.

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