Intra SAW Inc

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Technology (SAW Filters, Resonators, Delay Lines, Sensors, Oscillators, etc.).
SAW Devices CAD/CAE (Proprietary Models, Algorithms, and Software)
RF and Microwave Engineering
MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) Design and Simulation (ANSYS, Coventorware) Including Innovative SAW MEMS
Applied Physics (Multiphysics), Electrodynamics, Physical Acoustics and Ultrasonics
Computer Modeling and Simulation, Programming
Computer-Aided Design and Engineering (commercial and proprietary software)  
Application Development (MATLAB, Simulink, FEMLab, C/C++, etc.)
2D Automated Photomask Design (AutoCAD)
3D Design for Technical Applications (AutoDesk Inventor)
Microfabrication Technology
Device Measurement, Testing and Characterization
Experiment and Measurement Automation
Data Acquisition and Signal Processing
New (Innovative) Product Development
Technical Writing and Instructing

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