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CTS Corporation

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CTS corporation (New York stock exchange (stock code: CTS), founded in 1896, is a global diversified electronics, sensors and actuators of the design and manufacture of leader, and for the automotive, communications, medical, electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers, industry, national defence and aerospace and computer markets.Mainly to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the CTS is proud, innovative products and excellent engineering more than 100 years long history.With an established global footprint, CTS products leading a very capable and dedicated staff using state of the most advanced technology manufacturing.CTS products and services, which can be found in a variety of application is everywhere around the world.Every day.

What shall we do/strategy

We use a wide range of ability in materials technology and application engineering, developing custom products, have complex needs of service our global and diverse customer base.Our growth strategy include continuous new product launch, regional market expansion, and expand our customer base, and strategic acquisitions, increase shareholder value.

Division of the components and sensors

We design and manufacture of a wide range of line in powertrain, vehicle safety, fuel and emissions control system of ceramic electronic components and crystal engineering Mainly used in wireless communications infrastructure equipment, piezoelectric materials, thermal management and sensor based on resistance element and execution is used in medical, defense and aerospace, computer, consumer products and industrial equipment and other applications

EMS division

Our electronic manufacturing solutions (EMS) operation focus on value-added products and services to customers in medical, aerospace and defense, computer and communication markets.We focus on providing customers with complex high mix, medium volume demand provide customization service, including complete turnkey solutions.CTS EMS electronic and mechanical parts assembled into finished components and final product contract manufacturing and OEM agreement.CTS also holds a special FDA approval and health, as well as aerospace and defence, it is need to register, to prove that many complex products, we produce

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CTS Corporation
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深圳福浪电子有限公司 晶振谐振器 滤波器 振荡器 陶瓷谐振,滤波器 声表滤波器
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