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MMDC technology is high reliability hybrid oscillator. We have an American manufacturer of main plant in the United States that is made by the U.S. defense department certification of our military products, and We also have in the UK, made offshore some industrial products in France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, etc., product design, inspection, testing and in accordance with MIL - STD - 883 and MIL - PRF - 55310 - d, comply with all aspects of the specifications, drawings and the contract or the whole block order.All MMDC - Tech product meets our high standards of design, quality, on time delivery and excellent customer service.We are committed to our customers with leading edge frequency control solutions.

Many of our engineers more than 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing based on crystal vibration frequency control products.We believe that our high quality good faith system, our professional knowledge of supply chain and the combination of high performance frequency control of motor speed device we can create real value for customers.Thank you for considering MMDC technology the most demanding of timing source for you

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