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MTI - Milliren technology, the company
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The company mission

"MTI's mission is to redefine the frequency control products market, with innovative design, advanced manufacturing technology, and to provide world class customer service, we believe that partner with our customers, suppliers and employees, will result in the highest reliability and quality of products."
MTI demanding complete within their organization.Each product is precisely define your specific design parameters.Each device is guaranteed to be high quality, precision and stability of the frequency control products, will allow you to improve your system performance the next level.

From the portable battery cellular systems, satellite navigation, and the application range of the global telecommunications network, MTI products has received thousands of programs around the world.We are committed to continuous research and development plan, at the same time, focus on product innovation and improve manufacturing process.

"MTI differences" is morphing into our unique personal business model.MTI's mission is to provide trouble-free, risk-free products to our customers, from be born business relations of cooperation, professional management team on the basis of the atmosphere to solve the problem.

We invite you to experience "MTI differences."Contact our team members to discuss your application, and allows us to extend the invite you to visit our modern production facility located about 30 miles north of Boston in newbury, potter, Massachusetts, in the historical town.
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