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German KVG company is specialized in crystal device research and production company, the scale, output, and product performance ranked among the top European crystal manufacturer, represent the crystal device in today's world advanced level of production.In more than 60 years, KVG company is committed to provide users around the world in various types and models of crystal products, including resonators, oscillators and crystal filters.Its products used in wireless communication, mobile communication and electronic measurement technology, etc.In the field of high-end crystals, the custom products enjoyed a good reputation.

Since 2002, KVG again became an independent company. The new corporate leaders Manfred Klimm and Mr Gerd name are in the industry has many years of experience.

KVG company show the history of the crystal products production technology continuously updated development process:

1963 KVG using synthetic crystal materials.
1964 research and development and production of crystal filter.
1968 TCXOs of vibration in the production of crystal temperature compensation
In 1970 crystal production coating directly.
1971 the whole piece of crystal filter production
1972 production convex crystal wafer
1974 the introduction of ray Angle measuring technology is used to cut surface determination
1979 crystal temperature measurement with computer as the background
1981 to computer to support the TCXO production
1983 KVG r&d based on crystal sensor and r&d OCXOs.
1987 quality management system based on computer control
1988 SMD components of automatic equipment machine
1993 622.08 MHz VCXOs
1994 to establish product line to HFF for crystal base, the largest vibration frequency to 200 MHz
With SC - 1994 OCXOs crystal production
1995 using laser technology for crystal vibration frequency coordination
1997 manufacturing SMD OCXOs series of OCXO - 6000
ASIC - TCXOs 1998 production
1999 with HFF VCXOs crystal production
2000 to establish a new production, used in the production of precision crystal products
KVG 2002 independent entity
In 2003 the use of electronic harmonic frequency crystal oscillator
Design of low phase noise OCXO 2005
2007 crystal design space
2008 crystal oscillator design space
Built in 2009 a new production equipment
2010 KVG restructuring the crystal oscillator and the production factory

KVG as a technology leader in the field of crystal and crystal oscillator, continue to the latest research and development in the field of temperature control of crystal oscillator, and expand the product line of high frequency crystal oscillator.
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