PDI Precision Devices

Headquarters is located in Middleton, Wisconsin, precision equipment, is the world's leading crystal frequency control equipment. 

Strengthen our core business is very high-end crystal, crystal filter and oscillator for complex radio, rf/microwave, GPS, instrument and air mill applications, we are unique, because we also produce low cost and commercial grade crystal oscillator and competition for consumer applications.
Stimulus from the strict quality management standard from our highest grade of military equipment, natural adaptation and quality concept has been proved by employees for production of the highest quality commercial grade products on the market.Such a high standard even conduction to the production practice of our high capacity, low cost of crystal and oscillator.
Maintenance of existing customers from local to global supply chain need sampling device is a new application, PDI proud every step of the way.Once the product has been defined simple navigation website, we encourage all customers to contact our factory, we will come from the hand to assist regional manager or our internal sales staff of highly trained people.Because we are a global company, we can according to your demand around the world, providing seamless, no error management.Try and experience the PDI differentiation!!!
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PDI Precision Devices
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