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Nakagawa Electronics Limited

NKG, founded in 1984, is a private enterprise of local state-owned crystal components company headquartered in Hong Kong.Its products include crystal oscillator, quartz crystals, surface-mount crystal and ceramic resonator. 

The company has been successful in the past few years to maintain 25% growth.Is expected in the next two to three years to keep the same trend.The company also is expected to remain the same price, for the whole of 2005. 
Nakagawa to cater to the local market to a great extent, which accounts for 70% of the business.The company also provides OEM service, mostly from international customers in Japan and the United States.80% of total sales, the products sell well according to its own brand name of the account. 
In 2004, $14500000, its export income.In 2005, the company expects its export value of $1.6 billion, and in 2006, it estimates the total export revenues of $17500000.Overall, the company expects its exports increased by 12% in 2005. 
In order to promote its products and services to the international market, the company involved in Asia electronics exhibition in Hong Kong.

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