Jenjaan Quartek Corporation

Jenjaan Quartz Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional quartz frequency control device manufacturer.

Our main products are a full range of crystal oscillators (DIP & SMD X'TAL), crystal oscillator (SMD OSCILLATOR) and voltage crystal-controlled oscillator (SMD VCXO).

With more than 10 years of experience in production, we are committed to continuous development and professional technical support to provide users with the best solutions and the best quality of service.
N-Natural Life (Natural Life)
Implementation of green management control of hazardous substances
Cherish the Earth's resources to create environmentally sound (building a harmonious environment)
S-Satisfied Product (Satisfied Product)
Do business adhere to the people-oriented
Implementation of industrial safety manufacturing quality products (scientific and technological innovation products)
K-Keep Improvement (continuous improvement)
From time to time to work together to enhance brand value
Carved excellence to achieve customer satisfaction (to achieve a win-win strategy)
NSK is the world's leading brand in the world, with competitive pricing and flexible delivery management.

NSK products are widely used in personal computers, security systems, communications, wireless applications, remote control unit and consumer electronics products, and has been recognized by domestic and foreign computer and communications companies and use.

NSK has obtained the ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 quality and environmental certification, products and meet the Rohs specification and meet the requirements of customers to achieve non-toxic products to create and maintain a better environment as their responsibility.

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