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In NTK, we don't do this product, you see every day.Our innovation helps to progress, however, a lot of technologies and products, improve people's lives.Computer, optical communications, wireless network, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace and aviation - many applications in these markets may not have the technology, provided NTK.Whether it's IC packaging, peizoelectronics, ceramic filter, fine ceramics, ceramic cutting tools, NTK offer these critical components, makes it possible to technology, we use everyday existence.

NTK begins with superior professional ceramic.We are a part of NGK spark plugs, co., LTD., founded in 1936.NGK spark plug is a leader in the automotive industry with their knowledge of advanced technical ceramics.Over the years, we are committed to excellence evolved into an ambitious research and development projects.NGK spark plug growing professional ceramic technology has given rise to create NTK technical ceramics.

In 1967, NTK technology began to produce ceramic IC socket.In this effort, we apply our technical expertise, expand to many industries including computer, communication, medical, aviation, military applications.So we now specialize in is not only a ceramic and add a variety of materials, we provide products, including organic matrix.Now known as NTK, we continue to add value to the market development of industry leading components, an unlimited number of high-tech applications.

With NGK spark plugs, co., LTD., a premium brand NTK is recognized all over the world.Our world headquarters near discovered the Nagoya, Japan.We have sales offices and production facilities in six continents around the world.In the United States, we have seven sales offices with our headquarters and r&d centers in silicon valley.NTK is an ISO9002/14001 (link to a copy of the certificate) to the certification company.We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service possible.As the technology to move forward in our life, NTK will provide necessary support to achieve vision of tomorrow.

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